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The eco-friendly, humane solution for all your Pest Peeves

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It's a jungle out there. Don't bring it in here!

We source the power of nature to give you safe-for-the-family solutions you can count on. Say goodbye to all your Pest Peeves.

Why Pest Peeve?

Our team's obsessive focus on natural, powerful pest repellents provides you with a new alternative. We travelled far beyond the status quo, developing a range of products that aren't just effective, but mindful too.

Safe for Kids

You relax while they explore the world around them.

Safe for Pets

Sniff-safe products. We love our pets just as much as you.

Safe for the Environment

An eco-friendly, sustainable, humane alternative.

Safe for your Household

Free of nasties, made for your home.

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goodbye insects

Got different pests lurking around your house and don't know where to start? Our all-round solution "Goodbye Insects" is the right product for you!

Ideal for insects, ants and spiders

32 oz

Available Sizes

16 oz

for you and your family

we use ingredients from nature

Plants have learnt how to protect themselves from pest invaders for thousands of years. 
By carefully extracting and combining these repellent properties, we’ve created a range of sustainable solutions that’ll make even the most stubborn pests think twice.

Citric Acid

Peppermint Oil

Geranium Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Rosemary Oil

Diatomaceous Earth

For Our Furry Companions

Your pets love to to explore the wonderful world that surrounds them. What they don’t love are the pesky fleas that decide to jump on for the ride. Bin those nasty flea treatments and chase them out with our natural Pet Flea Powder instead.

Available in our practical 4.16oz container
 (Suitable for cats and dogs)

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our best seller

bye-bye bed bugs

Christina verified buyer

We used it while in Europe, at rental places on linens, our bags and it works great. Does have an earthy, natural oil smell but it fades quickly. Great size large bottle too, great for a checked bag, too big for carry on.

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good riddance rodents

William T verified buyer

I used the product and I have not seen any more mouse droppings. I left bait in the normal spots and it has not been touched. I am happy.

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goodbye insects

Laura verified buyer

It is great on roaches.

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